home alone vacation

my wife took all 3 children and went over to her mom's place yesterday (Saturday) afternoon. She's going to stay there until tomorrow (Monday), which means I've been home alone since yesterday afternoon.

It was really weird that I was home alone watching NFL playoff games while drinking a cold beer.
It was just me and my Guinness, and NFL playoff game in my Man Cave, without any interruption or distraction! What more can a man ask for????

To be honest, it's really awesome and this is better than going out without the kids, better yet, this is so much better than going on a vacation!
I told her how much I'm loving being home alone and she said to enjoy while it lasts

I felt like a bachelor again and wanted to be a bad boy... so on the way back home from church today, I picked up McDonald's for lunch

I don't remember the last time I had McDonald's but I wanted to have a Big Mac just because I can... (Katie does not let us eat any fast food)

BTW, my wife is so amazing... even though she's out handling all kids by herself, she still managed to make meals for me before leaving so I can just heat it up and eat

Let's go NY Giants!
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