How Times have flown, How the Kids have grown

It's been more than 5 months since I have posted about our kids!

Before closing the year 2012, I wanted to reminiscence how we spent our family times the last few months..

This past summer was one of the hottest in decades! The kids (& us too) were exhausted by the hot weathers, and they seemed to have lost their appetite to play outdoors this summer..

First, for the Fourth of July weekend, we visited the good old Dutch Wonderland. They loved the hotel indoor pool but they were like the wilted flowers at the park.

Next, at the end of August, for a day trip, we visited the Field Station Dinosaur Park in Secaucus, NJ. Again, it was sooooo hot, and the kids were tired of the heat..

Aaron now asks us to take them to new places... Since Kara has gotten older, David and I decided to drive out of the tri-state area...
For the Labor day weekend, we visited Newport, RI.
We went to Providence Children's Museum, RI. One wall displayed the Google contest. The contestants varied from elementary kids to middle school kids. They were very creative and artistic!

The museum was cozy with a lot of cute things to play with.

We liked it more because it wasn't crowded

Then the next day, we headed to the beach. The weather was beautiful, and the scenery was exquisite!

Lastly, we took our annual Christmas card family pictures. Even just a few months span, the kids have grown so much!

I have to keep reminding myself.... These are the good times....
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