Hustle Bustle Kara

Kara is now almost 11 months, and she is busier than ever.. She crawls everywhere so fast that I have to make sure the door to the basement is always closed tight! Otherwise she'll open it with her tiny hands, and she might fall off the stairs in no time. She could also climb onto two-three steps of stairs.

She always wants to stand or cruise around.

Kara was never really into toys to begin with, so I always have to find something new for her to play with...

She claps when we say "clap" in Korean, dances when there's music, screams when something doesn't go her way, and her favorite of all is being nosy with her two brothers. She'll always go to wherever her two brothers are playing together, and tries to take away their toys.

When I try to take pictures of her, she'll crawl to me for the camera with her eyes lit as if to say, "Ah! A new toy!!."
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