I just won a jack pot!

in my dream last night...

It's 8:20am Sunday morning right now and I just woke up with the happiest dream I ever had...

It's still so vivid in my head and still brings a smile to my face thinking about it so I wanted to share on my blog. Here it goes..

It was some sort of church event.. and this person, which I can't remember right now, never has seen a Broadway show and wished that s/he can see a Broadway show.
So I decided to buy a ticket for him/her but then bunch of other people wanted to go together as well so Katie ended up buying tickets for many people. I don't quite remember the how many people but I think it was close to 10 or little more. I just remember few people, like my pastor, Kevin, Shalom, Angela, and Paul.

Katie bought the best seat that she can, which was the Orchestra seats and when I went to pay for the ticket at the theater on the day of the show, the total was $90,000. Yes, I know it sounds ridiculous but that's what the total came out to and I charged it on my credit card.

We gave the tickets out to the friends that came with us and one person offered me the money for the ticket but then I immediately refused, saying that it's okay.

I then immediately got into fight with Katie because she was arguing why I'm not collecting the money for the tickets except for that one person that we originally wanted to pay for. I told her that I feel bad for asking for money and that I couldn't but it is $90,000 and I too was very concerned that it was going to take a while to pay for that and it will probably take a big toll on our financial

But we didn't collect any money and went into the theater. people are taking seats and somebody was already sitting next to Katie so I decide to seat by myself.

The seat that I was sitting on was more like a carousel. It was spinning around while the music was playing. I was thinking that I have the best seat in the entire theater. And then, there was an announcement before the show began. The announcement was that they are going to pick one random person from this theater and that person will draw one ticket from a pot and will have a shot at potentially winning the grand prize, which is $9,000 per month from Google for the rest of the life. This was Google sponsored event.

As I was enjoying my carousel seat, the manager of the theater walks up to me then starts pulling my seat. I'm still on my carousel seat but now moving as the manager is pulling my seat towards the back of the stage.
He then asks me to pick a ticket from a pile. I pick a ticket, which is more like a small pouch. I open the pouch and there was a small red arrow inside the pouch.
The manager shouts, "OMG, I can't believe you won!". And that was it, I won the grand prize just like that.

I was so happy that I was crying with joyful tears. I ran back and told this story to everybody and they were all happy for me and everyone gave me a hug congratulating. Katie was crying with joy as well.

I then shared the story that Katie and I were arguing about the $90,000 ticket price that we were not going to collect and how worried we were but now we didn't have to. After hearing our story, this one person still tried to pay us for his/her ticket but I kept refusing that it's really okay, especially now that I even won the jack pot.

Later, I went back to the theater with Katie to pick up the prize.
There were many people in the theater to collect the smaller prizes that they had won but I knew that I was the main spot light for winning the jack pot.
I then saw Sergio and Larry taking pictures with the other small prize winners as they gave the prizes.
I screamed to Katie, "Look! Larry Page is here. He's the CEO of Google!".
That even made me more excited and happy about my jack pot.
As Sergio and Larry were handing me a check and a trophy, Katie and other people were taking pictures and I had the biggest smile I can make.

This is where I woke up... and realized that this was all dream but still happy thinking about it.

I have my theory and some explanation as to why I had this dream but I need to get ready for church so more to come on that later..
Thanks for reading my dream!
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