I want to be the boss (part 1)

I worked for consulting companies a little over 12 years and now I'm a full time employee for a very well-known software company.
For most parts, I have been satisfied with my jobs and the works I did, and I'm currently very happy where I am today but I keep thinking about the following two questions:

1. For how much longer would I be able to sustain my job?
2. For how much longer would I continue to be happy with my job and work?

I am in I.T. industry and IT is constantly changing... not to mention that I have to compete with young, bright, fast-moving, and most importantly, less expensive to hire than me... heck, I also have to compete with cheaper labors at overseas since many companies are going global and outsourcing some portions of their IT budget.

I'm only getting older, slower, lazier, and less up-to-date with current technology.

Also, how much longer would I continue to be happy with what I'm doing now?
I do appreciate my current job, which allows me to work from home full-time, but I have to work every day from 9 to 6 and most importantly, what I'm doing has nothing to do with my desire but it has everything to do with the goals and desires of my company, specifically my CEO's goals and desires.

Ultimately, I'm working every day and busting my ass to please someone... whether that's my boss or the CEO of my company indirectly. Sure I'm getting paid to do my job but I also want to be happy and do what I want to do, not just what someone else is telling me to do.

On September 8, 2010, I had this picture below printed and hung on my wall behind my desk so that I can see it every day and remind myself...

It's certainly not a reminder to become like one of them in fame or wealth but it's a reminder and admiration on them for having ideas and visions then having to successfully execute them in creative and innovative ways to make them into reality. I'm sure they worked tirelessly but they did so because they believed in their ideas and visions.

So...... I have decided.....
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