insane renovation - part 1

We started a huge project today.
We are ripping out existing furnace and all the duct work then putting in a new boiler with baseboard heat in 3 upstairs bedrooms and radiant heat floors in the living room, kitchen and the dinning room.

We are also replacing the AC condenser with new one then installing air handler in the attic with new ac vent ducts in the ceiling for every room.

We are also replacing the existing hot water tank with an indirect heat water tank, which is suppose to be much more efficient and last a life time.

All the furnitures had to be moved to the side to make rooms for the baseboard work.

Also had to move lots of small stuff to downstairs

Our family room is a mess since they need to access the crawl space for the radiant heat floor installation

Check out all the stuff they ripped out from old furnace

all these pictures were taken less than an hour ago... insance...

in the midst of these, I have to work from home... crazy...

this reminds me of the day we moved into this house 3 years ago... except it's much worse...
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