insane renovation - part 2

They were able to finish the heating part during the first week.
Here are some shots of work around baseboard heating installation.

and here's the finished baseboard heating in one of the upstairs bedrooms.

They even managed to install one in the bathroom with tiles

The one thing that we ended up doing, which was not part of our original plan, is the radiant heat floor. They were able to install the radiant heat flooring without ripping up the hardwood floor because we have crawlspace underneath.

A crawlspace provides easy access for wiring, plumbing, and other home repair/renovation but because it's not a finished or insulated space, it gets pretty cold in there during the winter time.
As a result, the rooms directly above the crawlspace, which are my living room, kitchen, dinning room, and the master bedroom, ends up having really cold floor.

Since we don't wear shoes inside the house, we had to wear socks and slippers during the winter time because our floor felt like an ice rink. So we decided to give the radiant heat floor a try since it may be the solution to our freezing floor as well as the alternate heat source.
And the verdict after using the radiant heat floor for few weeks now???

We absolutely LOVE IT!
Not only it provides a warm floor experience but it generates even heat through out the rooms since the heat rises up from the floor all at the same time, and it's not a hot or dry heat but rather a very comfortable heat.

Here's a picture of what they installed underneath the living floor from the crawlspace.

Basically it's a hot water tubes surrounded by aluminum plates that slowly heats the woods that are in contact with them. Obviously, insulation was placed under the floor to minimize the heat loss to the crawlspace.

During the 2nd week, they started to work on the new AC unit in the attic.
They made an opening in the 2nd floor ceiling to bring up all the parts and units to the attic and this opening will be ultimately used for the returned air.

I was amazed when I saw all the parts for the vents and duct works that went into the AC unit.

BTW, I was curious why they were insulating the ducts since insulation is usually done to prevent heat loss but there are no heats in the air conditioning ducts. This question was eating me alive so I asked Do you know why? guess!

It turns out that because AC ducts will be so much colder than the surrounding areas, it creates a condensation that can lead to small to big water damage in your attic or above ceiling over time. Therefore, the insulation prevents the condensation. smart...

During the end of 2nd week, they installed the new AC condenser in my backyard.

and the air handler in the attic

They also installed 9 vents in the ceiling and reused 2 existing vents, making it total of 11 vents hooked up to the monster in the attic.

Again, this is how our living room looked like during the 2nd week

We had to cover everything in our master bedroom since that was the only room that we were able to sleep in during this mess.

So this was about two weeks ago and they came back this past Monday to finish up and to tie the loose ends. Everything is officially complete and we are now in the process of settling back to normal life...

Bring on the harsh winter and nasty summer!
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