Invisible TV coax cable feed

Our living sofas were delivered few months ago and we decided to bring up the TV from our family room downstairs to the living room.

There already was a coax jack on the living room wall but the cable TV kept losing signals and it got to the point where it was very annoying to watch TV.
The main cable line came into our house in the laundry room downstairs and it looks like the cable line was going all the way around the house, making it super long feed to the living room, which explains the weak signal and the drops.

I decided to add a new line from the laundry room to the living but the challenge was to somehow take short cuts without exposing the cable.
I decided to feed the cable line in the attic.
So from the laundry room, I snaked the cable straight up to my office above.
From the office upstairs, I snaked the cable to the attic inside the closet, which already had an entry to the attic.

I then stapled the cable to the beams across the attic,

then dropped the line to the attic above the living room (our 2nd floor bedroom attic is higher than the main floor attic)

I then went across the attic above the living room

then drop the cable line behind the living room wall, which is our garage.
I was then able to feed this new cable line to the TV in our living room with a strong signal.

Very happy with the outcome and good times at the attics!
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