iPad, Apple, and Steve Jobs


According to Gartner's analysis, the Apple iPad will account for 73.4% of tablet sales worldwide this year. While Android will account for 17.3% of tablet sales, no other platform will have more than a 5% share of the market.
These are really incredible statistics but I don't think anyone is surprised at that.

Apple basically hits home run with following 4 points when it comes to their products and iPad is no exception:
  1. presentation - Apple products are gorgeous and look very appealing. They are fashionable and very functional at the same time. Lot of thoughts and considerations are put into the dimension and shape of their products.
  2. quality - Apple products look and feel rock solid from the hardware point of view. You get what you pay for so no wonder they are more expensive than other competitors.
  3. usability - Apple products are so easy to use. Their hardware design and softwares are second to none. They are simple, stylish, and intuitive. Makes you wonder why Microsoft can't design like Apple for Windows...
  4. service - Apple backs their products. If you have any problem with their products within 1 year, they will simply give you a new one even if you don't have a receipt. Water accidentally went into Katie's iPhone and they simply gave her a new iPhone without any question.
No wonder Apple is now the most valuable public company in the world! (in terms of market capitalization)
This past August 2011, Apple took over the #1 seat from Exxon Mobil and is now worth more than $25 billion than Exxon Mobil.

To give you better perspective, Microsoft is #6 and Google is #12 in the list.

Based on the current trend, Apple will soon be worth more than Microsoft and Google combined!

These are really fascinating facts and the more you ponder about Apple company, you can't help but think about what Steve Jobs has done for Apple.

Erich Schmidt, former Google CEO, recently made a public statement that Steve Jobs is the best performing CEO in the last 100 years because he not only built Apple company once, but twice!

One of my favorite movies is actually a TV movie called Pirates of Silicon Valley. It's a movie about Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, and how they built Apple and Microsoft. It's truly an amazing movie and stories.

My hats are always off to you Mr. Steve Jobs.
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