jaundice treatment


Kara is being treated for jaundice right now.
When we went to the hospital today, we were happy to find out that her jaundice level went down. The doctor told us that Kara will most likely off the jaundice treatment (the blue light) starting tomorrow after another blood test in the morning.

The doctor also told us that Kara will be moved from the incubator to a crib if her jaundice level goes back to normal. If she can maintain her body temperature in a crib for two days, she will finally be able to come home.

We are hoping that she can come home with us on Friday.

Today was such an amazing day in terms of weather compared to last few days.
In fact, Kara could have used some good sun lights today for her jaundice treatment.

We feel so bad for the boys since they spend most of their time with their grandmother all day. Aaron started to cling on to Katie and cry today when we were leaving to go to the hospital.
Aaron kept saying "I don't want you to go.. you are gonna come back so late..."

After we came back from the hospital, I took the boys to the local park to cheer them up.

Both of them had a blast at the park under the warm sun lights.

BTW, I have to go to Aaron's school tomorrow and read a book in front of his class.
It's not a mandatory but all other parents have been coming to read once a week and it's Aaron's turn this week. I'm only doing this for Aaron but I'm already thinking like "What if Aaron is embarrassed of his father because of my heavy accent?"...
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