jehovah's witnesses

My door bell rang just now and there were jehovah's witnesses outside the door.

In the past, I used to hide and not answer the door.
My mom used to tell me that I need to be as nasty and as annoyed as possible so that they don't come back but when I do answer the door, I just can't be that mean of a person and end up talking to them for a while. So, it was better for me to not answer the door.

But today, I opened the door and I was very different.
They first offered me a booklet titled "Challenges of Youth" and I gladly accepted it since I can probably learn one or two things about some aspects of how to deal with challenges that I will face with my kids growing up.

Then, one of them asked me "do you know the Word of God?", I replied back saying "Yes and I am saved".

"very good. it's great that you feel that way and bible tell us that we need to persevere until..." she continue to speak while opening a bible.

I interrupted her and said "It's not what I feel. I know I am saved. and yes, I know I need to persevere. BTW, I'm actually in the middle of work and I'm also watching my kid so I need to get back in".

For some reason, I wasn't annoyed or angry with them. In fact, I give them lot of credit for what they are doing. Shouldn't we, as Christian, be doing the same? Isn't it better to be more evangelical and pro-actively trying to spread the Good News?

When I came back to my desk, I googled the difference between Christianity and jehovah's witnesses. The fact that their visit made to want to know the difference between my belief and theirs' is another reason why Christians may need to do similar thing since there may be people that will have interest or questions about our belief.

Another reason why I wasn't annoyed is because I feel that my faith grows stronger and even more affirmative when I encounter them. It's like a checkpoint or reminder of what I truly believe in.
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