Jordan's 4th Birthday

Jordan turned 4 today

He's been looking forward to his birthday for months now! When we asked him what wanted to do for his birthday, all he wanted to do is go to Toys R Us!

For months, everyday, he'll think about what he'd get when we went to the Toys R Us... Mostly his list lingered around the action figures, only the figure would change depending on his mood for that day.

We had told him that I'd take him with Aaron after school. Jordan patiently waits the entire day until his brother came back from school, only to find out that he has to wait longer because Aaron had piano today...

We finally make it to Toys R Us and I let them loose!
After spending quite a time in the store, Jordan came out with these

I kept telling him that he can grab bigger things, but he was very happy with what he chose

Aaron on the other hand, kept picking out BIG boxes so I had to burst his bubbles and said he can get those when HIS birthday comes around

I meant to take pictures of the boys at the store, but looking after Kara made it impossible, and my mind was so scattered between the boys asking about this & that, and Kara keep wandering off to elsewhere.... there was no way...
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