Kara and the boys

Kara is doing really well at home.

We went to the doctor this past Monday and found out that Kara gained 10 oz over the 7 days. The doctor said he would have been happy with just 1 oz per day but Kara was doing much better than he was expecting. There's also no more signs of jaundice on her.

Kara has been eating and sleeping most of the day (and pooping). I guess that's all she can do now.

We leave Kara on the living room floor during the day, especially when there's nice sunlight coming in but Aaron and Jordan can't leave her alone. They keep touching her and giving her kisses on her hair and on her hands.
Wow, Aaron is a giant compared to Kara

Katie's sister just took Aaron and Jordan for a sleepover at her house to give us a break away from the boys. Aaron and Jordan were excited to play with their older cousins so they packed their toys last night. We went outside to wait for her and to get baked under a warm sunlight

I made paper airplanes for the boys and they had a blast just throwing airplanes outside.

As the kids grow up, they hate taking pictures since it takes time away from their playing time... but I managed to take one picture each.

BTW, Aaron loves her cousin Jean. I guess because she absolutely adores him.

Although Jean has an older sister Jane, Aaron said he won't have a sleepover unless Jean will be home. However, Jean had a plan to have a sleepover at her friend's house but when she heard that Aaron was coming over for a sleepover, she canceled her sleepover plan with her friend so she can spend time with Aaron.

I guess it's gonna be just you and mommy and daddy tonight!
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