Kara - two years old

Kara is two now

It seemed to have gone by fast but at the same time, it went by slow as well. There are just a lot of mix feelings.. haha

To be honest, I don't quite know how two years have gone by.. I think I was busy raising Kara along with the two older boys that I don't have clear memories of the last two years..

I'm happy that Kara is a lil older that she's become a lot more independent. She's also very thoughtful and attentive as well.

When she's done with her milk, snacks, or even her brother's, when she sees empty dishes or cups on the table, she'll always bring them to me. When David or I am lying down on the sofa, she'll grab a throw from our bedroom and brings it to us to keep us warm. When she's eating snacks, she always feeds me her snacks with her tiny fingers. When we are going out, she holds my socks & shoes, and gives them to my hand. Eventhough she just takes things from her brothers, if she's asked to give them back, she gives them back to her brothers nicely.

More and more each day, she makes me look forward to the later days when she's older, and we can do mother/daughter things together
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