Kindergarten and school bus

Looking back, this year was a big year for our Jordan.

He graduated from pre-K school and entered Kindergarten in September.

He still seems like a baby to us but we can't believe that he has to take the school bus by himself... but he never looked back and got on the school bus every day.

Here's a picture of Katie and Kara waiting for Jordan's return on the first day of school

One good thing is that Jordan gets to come home on the same school bus as Aaron every day

Jordan was so excited to share and show the things that he learned from the first day of his Kindergarten (Kara was watching and listening as if she was her mom )

Time flies so fast... it's already a winter break and in few more months, Jordan will be done with Kindergarten, and will be moving onto full day 1st grade, where he will be taking school bus back and forth with Aaron for 1 year (it will be Aaron's last year at the elementary school before moving onto middle school)

Soon after Jordan's first day of school, he turned 5.
This is the presents and birthday card from Aaron
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