kitchen faucet

We bought and installed this kitchen faucet by a contractor when we moved into current house.

And after 6 years later today, it's even hard to turn on the water and to change from cold to hot water because the handle has become so stiff.

The reason for it is because of minerals in our hard water, and that's the reason why we need a good water softener.

This is what the hard water does to appliances and hardwares! (look at the green stuff, which is the mineral build ups)

My wife came back with this from food shopping in Costco. It was $60 at Costco.

I've been working some crazy hours recently due to a special go-live launch this weekend so last night I decided to take a break and give it a try to install this thing while every body was sleeping.

I didn't realize how tight the space under the sink counter was...

I guess this position is what the plumbers are used to on a daily basis

I was able to get the old faucet out without too much trouble.

However, I couldn't complete the installation of the new faucet last night because I didn't have the right connectors, so I went to Home Depot first thing in the morning today to buy the faucet connector and was able to complete the job.

I'm just happy that it's not leaking anywhere
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