Labor Day Weekend

For the labor day weekend this year, we visited Dutch Wonderland in PA. We left on Friday afternoon and stayed until Sunday afternoon. A few of our church members have gone, and they all raved about the place, so we decided to go and see what all the fuss was about.

The plan was to go into the park on Friday night because the park offered free entry 3 hours before closing with the next day ticket, but because of traffic, by the time we arrived, it was time for dinner. The boys wanted to swim anyway, so after dinner, we stayed at the hotel.

The next day, the weather was gorgeous. It was too chilly to go on any water rides, but there were plenty to do. There, we met up with Olivia's family, and Christian's family.

Jordan was so scared with the froggy ride, yet when it was over, he kept saying, "It was not scared for me, I wanna go aga~in."

Olivia's mommy packed lunch, so we were able to have rice with some korean side dishes!

There were a lot of "driving" type of rides, so kids especially liked the place.

More than the rides, the scenery was just so beautiful!

Aaron was able to experience his first pony ride!

On Sunday, it was just our family. Most of the times, I was with Kara, so it was nice for me to enjoy a train ride with all three of my adorable kids This train ride was really neat.

Eventhough Aaron enjoyed so much, I felt that the park was more suitable for ages 2-5. The park offered so many different rides & games. They even had miniature golf just right outside the park. It was definitely a great family getaway!
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