Labor Day Weekend Getaway I

For this Labor Day Weekend, we went to visit Dutch Wonderland in Lancaster, PA from Saturday to Monday. The hotel ( we stayed at is a family resort, so it had a nice indoor pool with indoor water playground for kids.

The day we arrived, we spent the day in the indoor water playground

The kids just LOVED it!! It had a slide for lil tots and a more fun slide for the older kids.
Kara was fearless and kept wanting to go on the slide over and over

Jordan on the other hand was more cautious and made sure daddy was in sight before coming down.

There were cute things everywhere for the kids to enjoy.

This looks like rain coming down from the rainbow

And there was a huge palm tree with water coming down from it.

Or just roam around the playground and still had fun!

The kids got annoyed whenever I interrupted them to take pictures of all three =D

Kara looks like an angel on the pictures but she was quite rambunctious! She kicked and screamed when we had to leave the pool to go have dinner..., and even in the hotel room, she was everywhere and touching everything!

Part II to follow....
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