Learning to ride bicycle

I think one of the hardest and most frustrating thing to teach your kid is how to ride a bicycle.

It was tough with Aaron because he has tremendous amount of fear when it comes to anything remotely scary... for that reason, it was too frustrating for me to teach him how to ride bicycle so Katie ended up teaching Aaron (I guess she was frustrated with me that I wouldn't spend time to teach him).
I don't remember anymore but I believe Aaron only got to learn how to ride a bicycle last year when he was a 3rd grade or year before that.

This past Sunday, the kids wanted to ride their bikes after we came back from church. Jordan is in his 1st grade and he was riding his bicycle with the training wheels as usual. Then our next door neighbor Mary screamed out "Jordan, when are you going to take off that training wheels?"

When Jordan heard this, he asked me if he can try to ride the bicycle without the training wheels! So I took out our spare bike that didn't have the training wheels attached and started training Jordan by running behind him while holding the back seat of the bike.

After several short runs, I thought my back was going to go out because the bike was so low that I had to run with my back hunched... but Jordan seems to be enjoying it and he was balancing it pretty well.

Finally, after few runs, I slowly let go of my hand but was keep running behind him so that Jordan would think that I was still holding his bike but to my surprise he was riding it by himself pretty well! (without knowing that he's doing it by himself)

That was the most thrilling and exciting moment that I had in a while!
I guess it gave me a glimpse of what it feels like to let your child go out of your care when they are old enough.

Here's a video when Jordan just started to ride by himself. He was struggling to balance (while standing) and to "jump start" the ride.. and you can hear his "YES!" exclamation when he finally gets his first "jump start" by himself (so cute!)

Here's another video just few minutes later.

And here's the final video about 15 minutes later. Aaron and Kara had gone inside the house to wash up but Jordan keep wanted to ride his bicycle so I let him stay outside little longer to enjoy his first day of victory

I guess I can put away this bicycle with the training wheels... until Kara is ready
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