Lent 2011 and my definition of Gospel


This year, I fasted all drinks except water during the Lent season (starting from 3/9/2011). Today is Good Friday so I just have to fast one more day tomorrow until I can drink coffee, soda, and beer.

I didn't realize how difficult it was to even just fast drinks. In the first week, I had a major caffeine withdrawal headache that I had to take Advil. I soon realized that I needed a beer at night more than the coffee in the morning.
It got 1,000% more difficult in the past 2 weeks because I had nothing but the meetings all day long for the entire 2 weeks (80 hours of meetings). It really felt like a test and a trial time for me, especially when I was away from home last week at California during a business trip.

It wasn't easy but I'm proud to say that I didn't give in. Moreover, bunch of people from my church fasted together and we donated the money that we would have had spent on drinks to Charity Water through One Day's Wages.
Our church was able to raise over $5,000, which can build a well to provide a clean water to a small village.

I just realized that it was the beginning of the last year's Lent when I stopped smoking. I am also very happy and proud to say that I didn't smoke ever since last year's Ash Wednesday (2/17/2010).

We finished our Life Group's bible study on the book of Galatians couple of weeks ago.
When we started this bible study back in June 2010, we had to write the gospel in our own words to the best of our understanding. We would then compare what we wrote at the beginning of the course to how we understand at the end of the course.

Here's my understanding of gospel back in June 2010 and this is the Gospel as I understand now:

God has paid for our debts(sins) with the ultimate sacrifice(on the cross) out of His love so that we can be sinless(new creation), which(salvation) cannot be earned by works but by faith through His grace.
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