Long Beach Island

For the July 4th weekend, our family & the Paks headed to the Long Beach Island, Beach Haven for 2 nights & 3 days.

The weather could not have been better!! The temperature was up in the 90s but there wasn't much humidity that it didn't feel sticky at all

It was so bright at the beach that when I tried to take pictures for the boys they could hardly open their eyes!

Our little ones (Kara & Hudson) were so afraid of the beach (the water, sand, wind, everything about the beach!!) that they were mostly either held by the parents or just stay inside or by the tent

On the other hand the older boys LOVED it!

The black things are millions of tiny mussels stuck around the rocks! At first I thought they were the rocks!!

It definitely is a gorgeous place that I would want to go back every summer
Our boys were tired from the water, wind, & the sun, yet, we had a blast!

I wanted to take a lot more pictures but our camera broke down (we had it for 7 years!) in the middle of the trip that I couldn't! I was very disappointed that I couldn't capture more... Meanwhile David was so happy that we can now get a new camera...
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