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As of yesterday, I have terminated my personal email address.
For those who knew me for a while, I had this email address since college years, basically couple of years after the Internet became public!

Pipeline was a NYC based Internet Service Provider (ISP) that started the business in 1993.
At that time, the major ISPs were AOL, CompuServe, and Prodigy (yes, Prodigy! do you remember them?)

Pipeline became my dial-up ISP sometime in 1994 and I continued to use their email address until recently (for over 15 years) even though Pipeline was sold to PSINet in 1995, then to MindSpring in 1996, then onto EarthLink in 1999.

Even though I stopped using the dial-up access to Internet many many years ago, I was paying for this dial-up account every month just to keep my email address.

To be honest, changing the email address that has been in used for more than 15 years is much harder than changing the driver's license or your social security number. Ultimately, I had to bite the bullet since it didn't make sense to pay for an email account with all the free email services available and I can use that money to pay for some other service, like this website hosting.

Anyways, I just wanted to share that I no longer has access to email account so please remove and update my email address.
If you have exchanged email with me in the last 15 years, you should have received my new email address (or I might have forgotten about you )

Here's a screenshot that I saved from my email account profile page before canceling the account.

Looks like the subscription date shown above is the date when my Pipeline account was merged into MindSpring account after the acquisition.

I was trying to estimate how much I spent so far just for an email account ever since I stopped using the dial-up service and it looks to be around $2,000
wow... that's an expensive email account compared to gmail or yahoo mail...
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