more bars... unbelievable

I came home last night from the business trip and Katie told me something that I could not believe even after I saw it myself.

Katie said, "guess what? we now have cellphone reception at home all of sudden! and we even get full bars!".

I know this sounds very dull and stupid but ever since we moved to Pearl River on December 2005, we couldn't use our cellphones.

At one point, Katie had her service with Verizon and I had mine with AT&T but I would normally get zero bar and Katie would get one or two bars at most, not to mention that reception was poor and calls would get dropped often.

Katie and I both have AT&T service now and we are not just getting a reception but an excellent, full bar coverage! Unbelievable...
AT&T must have added a tower near by or something... Hallelujah!

I still couldn't believe my eyes so I called my project manager at work with my cellphone this morning. Indeed, the reception was clear.

When I'm working from home now, I don't have to say "Can I call you right back on my home phone? because my reception is really bad in my house" whenever my colleagues or clients call me on my cellphone.

Kudos to AT&T!
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