Mother's Day

On Thursday before mother's day, I went to Jordan's school for Mother's Day Tea.

The mothers, and/or grandparents were able to enjoy the children's singing, had snacks afterward, and received carnations along with a gift which each child made for his/her mom.

Aaron's gave me nice surprises as well.

On Saturday, the day before mother's day, he comes to me with a $20 bill and says, "Here mommy, this is for you. I want to give this to you because it's mother's day tomorrow."

Me: "Oh that's very nice of you but it's okay.."

Aaron: "No, it's okay. You can have it."

Me: "OK! Thank you!" and I gave him a hug and a kiss.

Then Aaron goes back upstairs and comes back down again, and this time with a $5 bill.

Aaron: "You can have this too."

Me: "Oh it's okay, $20 is good!"

Aaron: "No, it's okay, you can have this too."

Me: "OK! Thank you!" and I gave him another big hug & a kiss.

At first I thought I shouldn't take the money from Aaron, but this was his way of expressing his gratitude to me, and I thought it'd hurt his feelings more if I refused the money. I think in a way, Aaron was very proud of himself and happy that he was able to do this for me.

On Sunday morning, after hearing "Happy Mother's Day!" from my boys & David, I got this card from Aaron.

Aaron knows one of my favorite chocolates is kitkat, so he saved this one from a birthday party goody bag to give to me for mother's day..

And here are pictures of our princess.

Kara loves her daddy. She rarely, very rarely says "Umma" (mommy in Korean), but she says "Appa" (daddy in Korean) all the time!!

On Saturday, David watched the kids while I went for a body and a facial massage. It was very relaxing and refreshing
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