Moving Up Ceremony

Here again, we reached the end of the school year.

Jordan had the kindergarten celebration on Friday 6/14. The kindergartners sang songs for the parents,

then the school presented a slide show for the children and the parents.

Each child's picture along with his/her name was shown. This really made the kids excited,

as well as the parents were anxious to see their child on the screen... including me

Then on Monday 6/17, Kara also had the moving up ceremony.

They also sang songs that they learned during the school year along with the songs for the Father's Day.

The children enjoyed light refreshments after the presentation

It was a big adjustment last year. Kara entering school for the very first time, and Jordan entering public school (riding the school bus by himself). The last school year has been a big transition for our family, and things have been a lot more manageable now that all of our kids have passed the "baby" stage. Kara, by far, has matured so much in the last year that it's hard to believe she's only 3. The things she says, the way she responds, and her comprehension skills are definitely more mature than her brothers when they were at her age.

All three kids have such distinctive characteristics, yet they have many similarities too. It's funny that I'm already thinking of the day that they will be married, and how much I'm going to miss them... haha
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