my first commute to work in over 5 years

Last Thursday, I had to go to the office in Jersey City, NJ.
In the past 5 years (actually it's much longer but I don't know exactly when), I have never taken public transportation to go to work. Well, technically I guess an airplane is also a public transportation but that's not something that you take on a daily basis.

Both companies that I worked for in the past were located in Chicago and I didn't have any project/client that were in tristate area so I either worked from home or went to the airport to fly to the client location.

Also, with my current job, I've been working from home since the first week of February, so I didn't even have to leave my house for work.

Last Thursday was a reminder how lucky I am with my current job situation....

I had to wake up at 6AM to shower and get dressed. I left my house at 7AM and walked to the train station to catch the 7:30 train to Hoboken, NJ. Of course, it happened to be a lousy rainy day so I walked for 25 minutes with an umbrella.

This was my first time using the NJTransit train ever since I moved to Pearl River since I had no need to use the train in the past.
Once I got to the Hoboken station, I was totally lost. I had to catch a light rail train to go to Jersey City but couldn't figure out where to go as there were so many trains and tracks everywhere.

I finally made it to the Jersey City office by 9am but I was already exhausted and ran to the break room for a cup of coffee.

I left my office at 5:15pm and it was still raining... by the time I got home, it was 7pm and my pants and shoes were all wet.

Compare this to my normal everyday work... where I wake up at 9AM to start my work upstairs in my pajamas

and sign off from my work computer at 6PM then walk downstairs to play with my children, not to mention I get to see and play with my kids during the day here and there, and watch the kids while my wife runs out for errands.

No further comments from me....
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