my first travel after being hired

My company is located in Santa Barbara, California and I have to go to my office maybe around 4 times a year.
This week was one of those 4 times... I think the last time I went to the headquarter was some time in May and previous to that was in February.

This means that I was working from home for last 6 months... Even though I used to travel every other week when I was a consultant an year ago, traveling 12 hours door to door is something that you can never get used to.

I guess my body forgot what it's like to leave my house at 3AM and arriving at the office 12 hours later. I got really sick on Monday evening with fever, body-aches, and chills... I took a hot shower at the hotel and went to bed early with 2 Advil pills.
I was able to sweat it out that night so I felt much better for the remainder of the week.

Today, however, is a different story. I left my office at 11:30am to catch the 12:40pm flight to Phoenix, which connects to Newark. My inbound flight was delayed so almost everybody on my flight could not make the connecting flight on time at Phoenix, including myself.

When I got to the airport, the gate was empty because everyone was standing on a line to rebook their flight....I was like the last one person on the line but I managed to speak with airline representative on my cellphone while waiting on line so they were able to rebook my flight.

I finally came to Phoenix around 5pm but my next flight is at midnight, going to Charlotte. I will be arriving at Charlotte around 6AM tomorrow then taking 7:40AM flight to Newark, which lands around 9AM.

The beauty of traveling by air... I don't miss this at all.

Again, it made me realize how thankful I am with my current job situation, where I can work from home 99.99% of the year.

I miss my family so much... I can't wait until I get home tomorrow to see them.

My next travel out to California will be some time in March next year!
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