my life as a consultant (part 3) - THE END!


I had an Exit Interview with my current company last Friday.
I sent my 2 week resignation notification email last week and the next Friday will be my last day. I guess it's more accurate to say that the next Friday will be my last day as a consultant...

Yes, this means that I have accepted a normal, corporate job outside of consulting world. This is my 3rd job ever and it's the very 1st non-consulting job.

My current client based out in California has offered me a job that I just could not refuse. I'm being hired as a "remote" employee and will be working from home permanently!

I was looking for a local job opportunities before but I just couldn't imagine commuting everyday to work, which I haven't done is several years. I don't know the last time I took a public transportation, not to mention that I've gotten used to working from home this past 6 months.

Don't get me wrong. I did work at Manhattan and commuted for 5 years but it's been probably over 5 years since the last time I commuted to work on a daily basis.

Based on where I live today (Rockland county), I probably have to wake up around 7am everyday to get ready to go to work, then come back home around 7pm from work.

I will be working remotely from home and I get to chose how often I have to be out in California to show my face once in a while (perhaps once every quarter or maybe just twice a year).

It feels weird that I will not be a consultant anymore... and I will actually become a client to my current coworkers in my project

Here are the things that I will miss from my current consulting firm:
1. brand new, sup'd up laptop every two years, which I get to keep
2. $200 every 2 years towards new phone (perfect for iPhone upgrades)
3. $75 every month for cell phone bill

and the biggest thing that I will miss from not being a consultant will be my elite status with airlines and hotels...

Let me give one specific example what I mean. Here is what happens on Monday evening when I walk into to the hotel lobby to check in.
There will be a line of people that are waiting to be checked in to get the room keys but when the front desk personnel sees me, s/he will hold the person then say "Mr. Han, here's your room key" and give me the room key without asking for my credit card or ID.
To be honest with you, there's nothing more rewarding than being recognized and treated as VIP especially in the realm of traveling and during your vacation.

However, here are the benefits of my new corporate job:
1. working from home and being with my family all day
2. no commute (saves money and time)
3. waking up at 9am to go to work and spending time with my family starting at 6pm
4. working in my PJ or even in boxer during the summer
5. ability to take breaks whenever and help out my wife during the day

Obviously, all these benefits are possible only because I'm working from home

Now that I will be officially working from home, I want to reorganize my "office".
Here's an ideal home office setup

but I wouldn't mind this either
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