NFL football fever

Aaron loves watching NFL games. He actually prefers watching NFL games on Sundays rather than playing video games.
His favorite team is Denver Bronco so he's very happy these days as they are currently the best team in NFL. For some reason, he liked Denver Bronco since 2 years ago when Tim Tebow was the quarterback.

He also loves to throw/catch football outside. I've been playing with him almost every day after school so he's gotten pretty good at it.

On the day when I can't play with him, he likes to play tackle football with Jordan on the grass. It's really cute watching them play tackles and rolling around the grass. Aaron obviously is bigger, stronger and faster so he makes sure that he doesn't have big lead and intentionally plays worse so that it will be fun and engaging for Jordan.

Watch the tackle made by Jordan below.

But he also likes to get some easy points time to time for bragging rights
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