no more blue light and incubator

When we went to the hospital yesterday, Kara was off the blue light treatment because her jaundice level went down significantly.
She looked proud to be doing so well

This is Kara on a scale to measure her weight before and after eating breast milk.

The doctor also told us that she will be taken out of the incubator and if she can keep her body weight and not lose any weight for 48 hours, she will be able to come home with us.
So this was the last picture taken yesterday inside the incubator.

Again, she seemed to be proud for doing so well and gave us a smirk while taking a last nap inside the incubator.

When we went to the hospital today, she was on a regular crib.
She fell asleep after feeding off from both of Katie's breasts.

We fed her little more extra today because we didn't want to take any chance of her weight lose that may delay her from coming home.

Here's Kara sleeping on a crib. Good-bye incubator!

Again, she's looked proud of herself for doing so well... or maybe she's dreaming about coming home with us tomorrow.
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