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How comfortable are you with the online shopping?

I'm sure there are still many people that are not comfortable with ordering products over internet but once they experience the easiness of buying stuff at the comfort of their own house and on their own convenient time, they will never look back.

At least that's what happened to me.
The fact that I can buy almost everything online and have it delivered to my house (usually for free and sometimes without tax) eliminates the need for me to drive outside, look for parking, wait on line at the cashier, etc...

I order from all kinds of online stores but my favorite is

My first purchase from was 10 years ago, back in 2002. I order few computer related books for my work.
Since then I began ordering more books, Nintendo games, computer accessories.

By year 2005, I was buying all sorts of stuff! from clothes, shoes, kid's toys, home improvement tools, and Swiffer refills to digital camera accessories. I bought lots of stuff from but they were all relatively small items/purchases.

By year 2007, I was buying somewhat more expensive stuff such as camcorder, DVD player, printer, telephone, and even iPod. We also started ordering diapers!

By year 2009, I was buying all of my children's Christmas toys without going outside and continued to order diapers for 2 years. I even ordered my shaving razors.

In year 2010, I bought computer mice, keyboards, dehumidifier, speakers, ping pong balls, jigsaw puzzles, dvd player, blue-ray player, games, books, bag, Kindle, and even a keyboard pedal.

Last year, I bought women's perfume, digital SLR camera, printer, snow shover, magazine subscription, and some office supplies.

If you have never ordered something from Amazon, I hope what I have shared will encourage you to give it a try. also has a great Return policy and if you order for more than $25 then the shipping is usually free.

Few weeks ago, I ordered a food product from Amazon for the first time. These 3 boxes of cereals were less than $6. At one point, I even considered ordering a birth control product
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