Orlando Vacation 2017

During the 2017 winter break, our kids finally had a chance to experience the Disney World and Universal Studios for the first time.

I'm going to post a blog entry for each day at Orlando so our kids can look back and remember all the rides and activities we did on this "magical" vacation.

This was a very, very expensive vacation... and I'm not even sure if I can call this a vacation for Katie and I since we basically walked around and waited on line for 6 days
But we also can't deny the fact that this trip was long overdue as most, if not all, of our kids' friends have been to Disney World already, if not more than once. (actually, Katie and I are very glad that we didn't take the kids to Orlando until now... more on that later)

I'm also going to post a separate blog at the end for tips, know-hows, and lessons learned from this trip so that it may help other parents that are planning or considering a trip to Orlando.

We went for 6 nights and 7 days with 3 days at Disney's and 3 days at Universal Studios.
We took the first flight out on Christmas Day and landed in Orlando at 9 AM, then took the first flight back on New Year's Eve that landed in NY around 11 AM.

We planned this trip with my sister and her husband since they go to Disney World every other year anyway and they wanted to be there and see our kids' first Disney experience first hand.
She wanted to make the first Disney trip as special as possible so she ordered a matching t-shirts for Disney and Universal.

My sister also wanted to be there when we break the news about the trip to our kids so she can see the joy and excitements in our kids' faces but we told her that we are not going to tell them about the trip until the Friday, 12/22. I think keeping this big secret from our kids for more than a month was a big struggle for her

So on Friday, 12/22, after the last day of school to start the winter break, Haeran (my sister) and Young (her husband) came over with bunch of gift boxes.

As far as my kids were concerned, their Gomo and Gomoboo (Aunt and Uncle in Korean) came by to drop off their Christmas presents...

Gomo first presented a huge present box in front of the kids and explained to them that what's inside the box is a Christmas present from the parents and not from Gomo and Gomoboo.

When they opened the box, 3 balloons came out... each balloon in their favorite color...

Gomo ask them to read what's written on the balloon starting from Kara...

So Kara read "On Christmas day..."

Then Jordan read "...the Hans are going..."
and finally, Aaron read his blue balloon

"... to Disney World!"

Thanks to Gomoboo, this event was captured on video
Couple of funny comments captured on video:
Aaron: Is it an X-Box? (in shaking and exciting voice)
Jordan: We don't get individual gifts?
Jordan: Wait, is that [going to Disney] a present?

But that wasn't the end...

Gomo now started giving out their Christmas presents... first, it was the matching t-shirts for the kids

then a matching t-shirts for us (parents)
followed by Disney wristbands (after an invitation from Hogwarts express train ticket)

then a mystery present...
When they opened the last present, there were same t-shirts... in purple...
After a second or two in confusion, Aaron realized that these t-shirts must belong to Gomo and Gomoboo, which meant that they were going with us! Check out how even more excited they got in the video below...

Couple of funny comments captured on video:
Kara: Are we going with Kaylin and Emily? (they are my friend Andy's children)
Jordan: Do we actually get real gifts?

After we clean up the destroyed wrapping papers, we had dinner together while excitedly talking about the trip coming up...

So.... Friday, 12/22 was already a very happy day for our kids as it was the last day of the school until the new year but it turned out to be even more special after finding out where they will be in just 3 days later on the Christmas Day...
I'm sure they had hard time falling asleep for next 3 nights
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