Our kids, our family

Our kids have grown so much, our lives passed in a fast pace, and in a blink of an eye we are in August!

To start, we were in RI during Memorial Day weekend.

The kids had fun with the hotel indoor swimming as usual, had a chance to visit Roger Williams Park in Providence, played some throw and catch, and rode Essex Steam Train in CT on the way back home.

Then we went to Lake Compounce, CT.
This place was so much fun with lots of younger kids' rides, as well as for the older kids. We all loved this theme park!

And finally, for the first time, our family went to visit the Lady of Liberty, and visited the One World Trade Center since the 9/11. Thanks to our aunt who came from Korea
We had a gorgeous day and had a blast in the City! Joined by our kids' favorite aunt and uncle (David's sister and brother-in-law)

Loved the past couple of months! Even though I didn't capture all the other times, they reside in my heart forever and ever Love our times together!
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