out of control and double D's


Something that I realized recently...

Life is hard...

Relationships with your spouse, children, family, and friend is harder...


Ministry is the hardest...

Obviously, it gets harder as you have less control.

I have the most control of my life since everything I do have some what direct impact on what I get in return. If I study hard, I should get into good school. If I work hard, I should get paid more. If I don't offend anyone, no one should offend me. If I'm nice to someone, they should be nice to me...

The key word here is "should" and I don't think we can replace that word with "will" since nothing is guaranteed but we can safely assume that the outcome is expected if the first part of the equation is met. And that's why we often get discouraged and depressed when things don't turn out the way we expect them to be, especially when we have done everything we can on ourselves.

I also have some limited control over the relationship with my spouse, children, family, and friends. These are somewhat closest people around me and I should be able to share and speak what's in my mind to them without worrying too much about hurting someone or being hurt.

I want Aaron to go to good school by studying hard but that's not something that I have control over even if a good school is guaranteed as long as Aaron studies hard. We often get disappointed and distressed about our family and friends because we don't get treated as we expect to be treated or because they don't live or behave the way we want them to.

Ministry is the hardest because you are dealing with so many people that you have no control over. And you are suppose to do things not for your own benefits but to serve others and for other people's benefits. Ultimately, you are doing it for God but it's so easy to lose sight of that when you are caught up in doing the work or when you get tired and burnt out. We often get disgusted and get disconnected/depart from the ministry when people don't "turn out" to be how you expected.

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Let us always remember why we do life together in Christ.
Let us keep remembering that we are serving Christ, not people.
Let us love, embrace, and encourage each other in Christ.

This week was indeed very disappointing and discouraging week but I'm doing my best to not get disconnected and to keep my eyes set on where they need to be even more.

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