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I've been working on a photo album page for my website for several weeks and I'm happy to share that it's finally done.

Few things I really like the way the photo album page came out are:
  • It has a responsive design, which means it will be very easy and pleasant to view the photos on both computers and on smart phones.
  • By default, all photos are scaled to fit on the screen but if the photo has bigger dimension than the screen then you can easily zoom and pan it.
  • It provides an option to view the photos in a full screen!
  • Each photo can display a caption and supports user comments.
  • You can swipe left and right to navigate photos or even use the left and right arrows on the keyboard.
  • The next and the previous photos are preloaded whenever viewing a photo so that navigating to the next/previous photo will be instant.
I can now upload our family and special events and vacations photos on my website so that it's just a click away from anywhere to view the photos at any time. It will also serve as a backup photo albums in case I lose any of these pictures forever.

By the way, since the photo album page will have tons of pictures of our family and kids, I'm afraid I cannot share them with total strangers on the internet.
I will be happy to share our family photo albums as long as I (or Katie) know you in person and in order to do that, you must sign up to create an account on my website. Once you sign up and is logged in, you can send me a message and I will give access to the photo albums to your account but you must be logged in to see the photos since that's the only way I would know who's viewing the photo.

To get a feel for how the photo album looks like, you can check out this Korean comics, which is the only album that can be viewed without special access as long as you are logged in.
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