Playful Jordan

Jordan will be a ringboy for Olivia & Mike's wedding in July. Olivia got us a suit for Jordan, so we had him try it on to make sure it fits. I wanted to take pictures so Olivia can see how the suit looks on Jordan. I had a hard time taking pictures because Jordan kept fooling around, looking elsewhere & not standing straight. Here are a few better ones which I manage to take..

Jordan's right side of his face is a bruise.. He's so adventurous that he falls very often. He almost always has some scratches and/or bruises on his legs..

Later that day, Aaron asks Jordan: "Are you scare to be a ringboy?"

Jordan: "Yes"

Aaron: "Don't worry, you'll look handsome & you just have to walk with the flower girl. I'll teach you, Okay?"

Jordan: "Ok.."
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