Presidents' Day break

The boys been wanting to play in the snow but since there are no snow to play with, we went to the snow in Connecticut. We headed to Woodbury, CT to snow tube. I overheard that Presidents' day is the busiest out of all year. It was quite hectic with long lines, antsy kids, and just overall crowd. So sad that I didn't get any chance to take any pictures of snow tubing... I couldn't really carry around the camera.

I took some pictures of the kids swimming in the hotel after the snow tubing.

The next day we visited the Stepping Stone Museum ( It is one of the nicest and cleanest kids' museum we've been to so far.

The museum was sectioned by age groups. Especially the lil tot area had so much to play with I think you could easily spend a couple of hours!

It also had an outdoor area with giant puzzles.

At the other section, the boys were able to enjoy older kids things.

And then in the middle of older kids' things there was a lil tot slide which Kara wouldn't stop going on

I love short getaways!!
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