responsive blog design launch

Katie has been complaining about my handymango website design.
She said it's ugly and more importantly, it's not inviting.

However, one thing about my website that has been bothering me the most is the fact that it wasn't mobile-ready, responsive design.

We now live in a world where most of the people have a smart phone in their hands and can lookup and browse internet from anywhere. Only difference is the fact that the viewing screen area is much smaller than the computer monitors.

I'm not a designer or a front-end engineer so I still don't know enough about the responsive website design.. so I finally decided to purchase a responsive template, which ended up being the best $19 I ever spent in my entire life on website development.
If you are not familiar with a responsive website, try resizing the browser to a smaller window right now and you will see what responsive website means (try this on my front/home page for a better example). Better yet, try viewing my website on a phone or a tablet right now.

Even though I love the new blog style design, I know I'm still going to miss my original handymango website design, only because I had designed the entire website by myself.
Before I put my original website design to sleep, I would like to share some screenshots and explain how and where things got migrated to in current new design.

Here's the original front/home page. As you can see, the front page included the last 5 posts from each blog category. I also played with the colors of the blog title so that you can easily identify how long ago the article was posted.

The "community" menu section had 6 sub-menu pages, which have been migrated as the category tags under the same "community" menu in this new design. The "readings" and "travel.places" sub-menus got removed but added "misc" and "DIDI" category tags.

The "blog" menu section had 5 sub-menu pages but they all have been migrated as the "mango" category tag under the "personal" menu in current design while other sub-menus just became tags.

The "kids" menu section had 5 sub-menu pages and they also all have been migrated under the "personal" menu with "kids" category tag.

The "house" menu section has 3 sub-menu pages and they also all have been migrated under the "personal" menu with "house" category tag.

The "tweet" and "snapshot" menu sections got migrated as the "InstaTweet" menu in the current design. Please note that most of the tweets and snapshots will NOT be ported over to the new InstaTweetas I will be hand picking only selective photos from the old site.
InstaTweetpage will continue to serve as the mini-blog where Katie and I can quickly share and post photos from our iPhones on the go.

Here are some screenshots of the about pages and a sitemap.

And here are some screenshots of membership account and private memo features that I had designed and built, which never got put to use

And finally, here are some screenshots of hidden features that I used to help out my old church and a friend.

rest in peace, the original design...I will miss you for sure...
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