ring boy

Aaron will be a ring boy for the very first time this Saturday at Paul and Angela's wedding.

He's kind of too old and too tall to be a ring boy but apparently the flower girl is as old as tall as Aaron. I guess we will meet her at the rehearsal dinner this Friday.

Aaron would have been the perfect ring boy when he was between 2+ and 5 but he missed the window of opportunity because nobody that knew Aaron well was even close to getting married at that time.

So we are kind of excited for Aaron, and Katie got him a full suite for the first time. He only had the dress pants and vests until now.
Here are some of the pictures of Aaron with formal wear.

I think he was 1+ in this picture.

He was about to turn 4 in this picture.

And finally, here's picture at Paul and Jamie's wedding last year when Aaron was 5+

Luckily for Jordan, he will be a ring boy this July at Mike and Olivia's wedding at the age of 2+.
We are, however, little concern that Jordan may be a little too young and too playful.
We have couple of months to tame him
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