ring boy and the dress

Jordan was the ring boy at Mike and Olivia's wedding this past Friday.
His friend Olivia from our church was the flower girl.

Katie and I were really worried about how Jordan was going to do at the wedding ceremony since he's so unpredictable. Jordan, however, did really well but Olivia, the flower girl, got cold feet and would not walk down the aisle. So Jordan ended up walking down by himself, occasionally stopping and turning back to see if Olivia is coming or not Olivia did end up running down the aisle when she saw her mom at the end of the aisle.

There's also a funny story about this wedding.
Katie bought a dress for this wedding and it's a very unique looking... It has a flower on the center top and lots of polka dots on the bottom. I personally didn't like it too much and made a funny comment about it when she first tried on at home.

At the wedding, she saw another person wearing the SAME dress... did I mention this is very unique looking dress? I guess Katie was really upset and embarrassed, as all women would feel in that situation

When Katie went to the rest room to change Jordan into his suite before the ceremony started, she mentioned about another person wearing the same dress to Irene and I guess it was a lucky break for her because Irene told Katie that she has an extra dress in her car if she wanted to try it on.

Irene is probably one of the most petite girl in our church as she wears size zero or even double zero. All the girls were shocked and angry at Katie that she was able to fit into Irene's dress! I guess it's a mystery how a mother of 3 children can fit into a size zero dress... on top of that, this was the very first time Katie wore a strap-less dress and she looked stunning! (at least to me)

I told Katie over and over that she looked sooooo much better in Irene's dress than in her dress. I also told her that she should buy some strap-less dress because she doesn't have any but she looked really good in it.

After the wedding ceremony, we dropped off Jordan at Katie's sister's place, where Aaron and Kara were staying, so that Katie and I can have some peaceful and uninterrupted time at the wedding reception... and it turned out to be a real smart choice.

It was almost impossible for Mike and Olivia to take pictures with the flower girl and the ring boy as both of them would look the other way or wanted to be hugged or run away...

Congrats to Mike and Olivia!
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