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Please note that this post was originally published on September 5, 2017 but updated on September 16, 2017.
Insta•Tweet is my favorite page on my website because it allows me to post photos taken with my iPhone quickly and easily by sending an email to my website from iPhone.

I find myself often flipping through pages in Insta•Tweet to look at old photos and memories. However, it only shows 18 Insta•Tweet posts per page so I end up clicking on the "NEXT PAGE" button quite often to get to some of the older posts.

So I made a small enhancement to my website that allows you to change the number of posts displayed per page!

You can now view as many as 144 Insta•Tweet posts per page, which means less flipping/clicking the "NEXT PAGE" button.

There are few caveats regarding this features though:
  • This feature is only displayed on the first page (when the "PREVIOUS PAGE" button is disabled"). In other words, this feature will not be displayed when you have already flipped to the next page.
  • This feature is only displayed for desktops with large browsers. In other words, this feature will not be displayed on smaller screens such as iPhone or iPad in portrait mode.
  • When you go to the Homepage (Front page) of my website, it resets to the original setting.
I also applied this feature to Personal, Community, and Photo Albums pages as well.
What do you think of this new feature?

Added on September 16th 2017

Katie and Aaron have been complaining that they would rather see a slider pagination rather than simple blog pagination
So I did some research to understand the best practice around how pagination should be displayed for various screen sizes and decided to honor Katie and Aaron's request. It took several hours to implement this change but I finally did it...

Here's how the new pagination looks like now

You can see a screenshot on top of this post on how the old pagination used to look like but basically they wanted this so they can skip and jump to different pages rather than sequentially flipping pages using the NEXT PAGE button...

By the way, for a mobile device with a narrow screen, you will see the "PREV" and "NEXT" buttons like below instead because it's not a good user experience to use the slider pagination on a small/narrow screen.

If you are seeing the "PREV" and "NEXT" buttons on your phone then try rotating your phone to the landscape mode and you should see the new pagination....

Sometimes it's harder to please the family members than much larger audiences...
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