sick and Operating System

As I mentioned in my tweet couple of days ago, I've been really sick for few days.
I passed out on Friday early evening with burning hot fever and shivering body and I slept most of the day on Saturday.
I woke up Saturday evening soaked with my sweat and felt better but by the end of night the fever came back again so I missed Sunday Service the next day.

Basically, my whole weekend was shot because of my illness.
I didn't even get a chance to spend any time with the kids on Saturday and Aaron missed his swimming class as well as family swimming hours because of me.

Aaron had the same symptom last Tuesday when he came back from school and ended up missing school on Wednesday due to high fever.
Jordan then woke up on Wednesday morning with the same symptoms.
I guess Aaron brought something from school on Tuesday for himself then passed it onto Jordan then onto me. The joy of sharing in family...

The only thing that makes me happy in the midst of this is that it reminds me of how caring wife I have and how much I depend on my family and vice versa.
I truly hope that Katie doesn't catch this because I'm not sure if I can fill her shoe.

One of my coworker told me that the wife is like an Operating System. If she gets sick then everything shuts down in your house because nothing is functional without an Operating System...

One thing that made me feel better is the following writing that Aaron had done for me on Saturday.
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