Once in a while, I witness Aaron and Katie fighting. I guess it's not really a fight but it's more like Aaron talking back in a grumpy, not-so-nice tone of voice.

This event took last Sunday after we came back from church.

I'm not sure if Katie told Aaron to do something or to stop doing something but Aaron's response to Katie was "Okay~ Okay~" in a nasty, annoyed tone of voice.
It really bothered me to hear him say in that tone of voice and I'm sure this was bothering or even hurting Katie.
So I went downstairs and called Aaron.

"Aaron, can you please come here?", I didn't look angry but I wasn't smiling either.
"Why did you talk back to mommy that way?" I asked nicely.
"I don't know." was Aaron's answer and he would not look at my eyes.

I told him the following in a most loving and caring voice I can make,
"Please don't talk back to mommy that way, okay~? mommy and daddy are really sad when you do that..."

Aaron burst out in tears and said "I'm sorry" crying out loud then hugged me.
I asked him "Why are you crying~?"
"Because daddy is mad", he replied still crying.
"Daddy is not mad... I told you, I'm just little sad but not angry".
Still crying, Aaron then said "I won't do it again... I promise...".

I know that Aaron will not be able to keep his promise. But I think it's normal for kids to have conflicts and arguments (even fights) with parents while growing.

I think the best thing that parents can do for their children is to explain to them why what they did is not the right thing to do so that they can realize it themselves. The most important thing is that parents have to assure the children that they are always loved and that parents will be on their side no matter what.
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