Spring Break (4.12)

We always try to have short getaways for the kids' breaks. Ironically though, for the Spring break, which is the longest break excluding the winter & summer breaks, we decided to stay in.

We've never taken the kids to the Central Park Zoo and the Natural History Museum of Art, so we decided that we'd do the City tour instead.
As you can imagine, the Central Park Zoo was CROWDED with people with kids!

Before going to see any other animals, we waited to watch the Sea Lions show.

After waiting for about 15 mins, we got to see the show.

Everywhere we went there were floods of people which made it sort of hard to get around. After looking at the wild animals, we went to look at the farm animals. The kids enjoyed feeding the goats.

Then we came out of the Zoo walked around the Park for a little bit, and sat at a bench for snacks.

The next day was a gorgeous day! We headed to the Natural History Museum of Art.

We were excited to show the boys life sized dinosaur fossils. The boys were mesmerized.

For lunch, we sat in front of the museum, basking in the sun, enjoyed delicious hotdogs, and the kids ran around
David & I enjoyed a cup of starbucks coffee while kids were running around

We walked around a little longer in the museum, and played a little more outside
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