Spring break - alone with daddy

This entire week is a spring break for our kids.
Katie decided to go to her mom's house for 3 days with the kids so that she can get some break and do some of her school work while her mom is taking care of the kids.

However, Aaron decided to stay back home with me because we told him that I would watch Harry Potter movie with him if he stays home.

Aaron has been reading the Harry Potter's series since last year and he absolutely loves it. In fact, he would literally cry about it if he doesn't get a chance to read due to home works or other priorities.

Aaron received the Harry Potter movie collection DVDs from Santa this past Christmas, and I told Aaron that he can watch the movie with me every time he finishes a book.

Because Aaron had already finished book 1, 2, and 3, we got to see the first three movies during the last week of December. Since then, Aaron finished the book 4 and 5, and he's now reading the book 6.

It's pretty impressive how fast he's reading this (book 5 has almost 900 pages) and how much he loves it.

Katie left with the kids on Monday afternoon and because I had to work all day, Aaron just sat next to my desk all day on Monday and Tuesday, and read Harry Potter book for 5 hours each day!

Monday evening, I grilled for our dinner then we watched the movie #4 (Goblet of Fire).

Tuesday evening, we went out to a Japanese restaurant and had a peaceful and relaxing dinner date.

After the dinner, we watched the move #5 (Order of the Phoenix).

Aaron always had nightmares on the day that he watched the movies 1,2, and 3 (he would wake up screaming and crying in the middle of night) but he was happy to sleep in my bed with me and he did not have nightmare this time.

Overall, it was a good father and son bonding time and more than anything, both Aaron and Jordan missed each other SO MUCH!!!
Jordan kept asking Katie when he would see Aaron again and how much he misses him. Same with Aaron.

I think we intentionally need to separate Aaron and Jordan once in a while so that they can appreciate each other more, as they did this week.
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