star of the week and Saint Patrick's Day

Aaron's class has this thing called The Star of the Week on a rotating basis.
If you are the star of the week then you will have to make a poster about yourself then present to the class.
Also, one of the parents gets to come to the class and read a book for the entire class. Finally on Friday, the star of the week is responsible for providing a snack to the class.

Aaron was the star of the week this week and Katie was suppose to go to the school to read a book but everything changed when she gave birth to Kara last Friday.
I didn't want to read the book because I have a heavy accent and I wasn't sure if Aaron would get embarrassed in front of his friends or not (as Aaron corrects my pronunciation at home time to time).

However, I could not say no when I saw Aaron get bummed out when he found out that his mommy could not make it the school. So I decided to go and do it.

Today was that day. It happens to fall on Saint Patrick's day!
Saint Patrick's day is a big deal in where we live since more than 90% of population are Irish. So I wore green button-down shirt to the school.
When I walked into the class, almost everyone was wearing a green.

The teacher sat all students on the carpet and I started to read a book that Aaron picked out few days ago. It was a Sponge Bob Square Pants story book.
BTW, I had to read this book several times the day before so I can practice being animated and not make any mistake.

After I finished reading the book, Aaron had to pick his favorite page and tell why that is his favorite page among all pages.

Then one of the students asked me a surprise question.
"Mr. Han, can you read us another book?"

So I ended up reading another Sponge Bob Square Pants book from Aaron's collection.

After the reading, the school was almost over so the teacher let me take Aaron with me instead of going on the school bus.
As Aaron was leaving, some of his friends came to him and said "Happy Saint Patrick's day!" as they hugged him.
There were two girls that also gave Aaron a hug but I think they were using Saint Patrick's day as an excuse to hug Aaron

As I was walking out the school with Aaron, he asked me
"Daddy, is Saint Patrick's day your favorite day?"
I asked him "Why?"
"Because green is your favorite color!", Aaron said.

Come to think of it, green is my favorite color and Guinness is my favorite beer so I guess Saint Patrick's Day can be one of my favorite days
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