Storybook Land (Memorial Day Weekend 2014)

After searching where to head out for the Memorial Day Weekend, we found Storybook Land in NJ near Atlantic City. We LOVED this place for so many reasons. The recommended age was up to 8 years old, so Aaron was old for this place, but we knew he'd love it anyway!

We left on Saturday mid-morning, and when we arrived there we had a late lunch, rested a bit, and went to the hotel indoor pool.

Kara loves water, and absolutely enjoyed swimming amid continuous splashes from her brothers.

The next morning, we went to Storybook Land. At a glance, the entrance line seemed long, but we were quickly admitted. The weather was perfect, the park wasn't crowded, and best of all, it was CLEAN everywhere including the bathrooms! David kept saying that they had the cleanest bathrooms of all the theme parks we've been to

We were surrounded by cute rides and statues!

They also had different train rides.

We took a break to have lunch and ice cream. Although we didn't pack our lunch, this was the only park which allowed outside food and beverages. We saw many people with cooler and had brought their own lunches.

and off we went again to enjoy the rest of the park!

The park also had farm animals.

. . . and a place to cool off.

This park was arranged with pretty things everywhere that I wanted to take pictures of every steps we took.

More rides
Kara was all smiles before getting on the Beanstalk Bounce, but soon she was in terror crying the entire ride
The boys enjoyed the rides so much, and went for second and third times in a row on the same rides. We were able to do that because the lines were short!

Kara waited so long to ride the Carousel, and at last all five of us went on

Storybook Land turned out to be our favorite theme park! We all had so much fun:)

After the park our family headed to Atlantic City boardwalk. . .
What a huge disappointment. . . Yet, we went by the beach, walked around on the sand a bit, and came back to the hotel to swim in the pool.

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