Jordan is very stubborn compared to Aaron.
He currently wants to do EVERYTHING by himself and if Katie or I try to help him in any ways, he will get really upset.

He tries to eat by himself, even though he ends up spilling half of the food on the table. When we get frustrated and tries to take his spoon away to feed him, he will throw tantrum and sometimes he will throw the spoon or his bowl on the floor.

Another example of his stubbornness is right after taking a bath.
Obviously, he's all wet as well as the shower tub after the bath. Katie will always try to lift him up and carry him outside the tub so that he can safely stand outside the tub in order to dry him and put body lotion on him.

But he insists that he walks out of the shower tub by himself! Grant it that it's a shower tub so it's not as high as a bath tub but there's still few inches of height on the tub and everything is all wet.
So when Katie lifted him up and put him outside of the shower tub, Jordan started screaming out of his anger then he would walk back into the shower tub by himself.
He then carefully walks back out of the tub by himself.... OMG..
If Katie tries to even hold his hand to give him a support, he will wave his hands and head then go deeper inside the tub to run away from her.

I'm really worried about his stubbornness... I do like the fact that he's trying to do everything himself and he has the will-power but I'm afraid that I will clash with him on disagreements when he's older...
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