Summer Getaways

Water parks are always fun for the kids but very tiring for the parents..

We went to SplashDown Beach Water Park as a day trip on the 4th of July weekend. It was our first time there as a family, but my sister took the boys last summer so they were familiar with the park. It was somewhat crowded, hilly and hot! Lazy River was the best in that kind of weather

Kara was so happy to be surrounded by the water!

Don't know if it was all the walking, the hot weather, or playing in the water, even the kids were tired by later afternoon..

All in all the kids had a fun day!

It's been a few years since the last time we visited the Hershey Park, which we learned at the that time, the place is not very good for younger kids. This year, we thought that it would be more fun for the kids since they are older now.. But first, can't leave out the swimming in the hotel pool!

The kiddie rides were right by the entrance, so we were able to enjoy a lot of kiddie rides before moving onto else.
Kara's favorite: the Carousel

Then the Air Balloon ride

The Swing

Jordan lost two front teeth during this getaway So brave to take out two on one night!

Waiting in l-o-n-g line for the kiddie Roller Coaster. . .

The boys had fun on the Roller Coaster, but Kara was so scared..

It was a hot Labor Day weekend, and we were sweating so much even under the shade.

After the Roller Coaster, we decided to go to the water area to cool off..

So much better!

I think the kids were in one water playground for a good couple of hours
Then the boys went off to ride on the water tubing while Kara and I rested.

Before changing from swimming suits, the kids had a blast under the sprinkler!

Now I really want a relaxing vacation with Spa treatments =D
Thanks to my wonderful hubs for driving 3 hours (+ stopping for bathroom) one way while the kids and I enjoyed games, reading & sleeping
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