Just few minutes ago, I was driving Aaron and Jordan to my sister-inlaw's house because Katie and I have a wedding to goto tonight.

While driving there, I was listening to praise songs and felt the Holy Spirit in the car with us. Aaron suddenly asked me if he can listen to his Disney song so I asked him if it's okay for me to continue to listen to this song because this song is about God. Aaron nodded his head.

I told Aaron, "I'm so thankful to God that He has given me Aaron and Jordan."
I then continued, "I'm also thankful for mommy". I then felt my eyes getting watery because I was so overwhelmed with His love and grace.
What Aaron told me right after I finished talking broke me down in tears and I almost had to pull over to side.
"And I pray for you and mommy everyday", Aaron said.

I now have a new prayer to God. I hope that He will use Aaron and Jordan but especially Aaron for His glory.

When people ask Aaron what he wants to be when he grows up, he always reply back with the same answer. "I want to be Super Man".

I now see a clear sign that he really meant it and it was Holy Spirit talking through him. When Aaron becomes the man of God, he will see things that a normal human being cannot see and he will perform miracles in helping people that are in need and help.

I truly thank God and I told Him that He can use Aaron in anyways He wants to.

After this conversation, the first person that came to my mind was Jamie Oh.
She is the director of Sunday school in our church. I'm so thankful to God that she is part of Aaron's life and moreover that she's a spiritual teacher to Aaron.
I know, without any doubt, that God will use Jamie and Paul (her fiance) for His glory and people will see miracles of God through their lives.

Thank you Lord
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